Last Day in Berlin

Today was my last day in Berlin and Isa and her dad took me around to see the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Topography of Terror (incredible!) & Checkpoint Charlie. Since it is almost 2am and we have to get up at 6am to drive 12-14 hours to Serbia….forgive my short post. I did however link the 3 sites above for more info.

My evening was spent saying goodbye to my family some of whom I will see in Serbia, but for my Strina Ruzica, cousin Dragoljub and wife Inez whom I won’t see….I LOVE YOU! See you in a couple years either in Canada or Berlin.

I have to say a special thanks to my cousins Zeljko and Isa, the two of you have been absolutely magnificent hosts and I have enjoyed every second here with you. Thank you and love you both dearly!

Zeljko and I are driving through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and into Serbia..I will be taking photos from the car as we won’t be making any major pit stops (I don’t think?) We should arrive 8 or latest 9pm Tuesday evening so check back Wednesday for posts of our road trip!

Now for some sleep! Cao!

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