Family and Food :)


Here I am in Sombor with my Maric family. It’s 9pm Wednesday eve, and we are about to play some cards :) Yes…they taught me to play cards, I’m not very good at it, but it is fun! I arrived here last Friday and it’s a busy busy household. My Uncle Pero and Aunt Branka live on one side of the home and run a wholefood store that is attached and my other Uncle Savo and Aunt Slavica live on the other side of the house. (See pic below) Over the weekend it was a full house, every room occupied with someone to chat with and of course every meal is a spread of yummy deliciousness! ( is that a word?…it is now!) My Aunt Ljubinka and I are sharing a room…it’s like a college dorm! Clothes everywhere…her and I make good roomies :)

How do I spend my days? Well, pretty simple. I get up, eat breakfast, chat with the family, run, swim, eat lunch, chat some more and back to the pool! I’m no longer pasty and pale! Photo attached for proof!

Anyhooo..they are waiting for me…so off I go to kick some ass at cards.

Cao for now!

My home town with old friends

Hi all!

It’s been hard to get an internet connection, so I’ll be posting a couple posts to catch up.

Spent my first week with my cousins Maja and Jelena and Uncle Ilija and Aunt Ruzica in Barajevo and Sremcica. Mornings started out with a run followed by a yummy breakfast and lots of story telling followed by laughter. Good for the digestion I’m told :)

I had a wonderful time visiting my old hood in Arandjelovac.  Arandjelovac is very very beautiful with many mountains and lots of greenery. I spent time with my great and wonderful girlfriends from school, Marijana, Jelena, Ana and one more Jelena :) (“Djuskale smo”) Stayed up till the wee hours talking and catching up, followed by a day being a tourist in my old town. Love you girls…it was like I was 10 years old again! Drugarice moje, obozavam vas!! Enjoy the pics!



It has been a while, miss me??

Hi everyone :)

I have been neglecting my blog for the past year but I’m ready to start sharing again! So what better way than to start it off with where I left off. I am en route to see my relatives in Serbia and Croatia. So I need to get to some shut eye…

In the meantime here are a few pics of beautiful Vancouver Island from my flight with Harbour Air. What a gorgeous day and I highly recommend (if you feel like splurging) taking a float plane to Vancouver. Sure it’s more costly than the ferry, but your travel is also 30 minutes, can’t beat that!

My lovely friend Amanda came to see me at the Fairmont and joined me for a glass of bubbly, which I followed up with a trip to the spa! Yes, I am getting pampered!

Ok…it’s late and 5 am will creep up quick.


Nighty night!

Labour Day weekend in Victoria

So it’s been a week since my return home from my European adventure. It takes a bit to get settled in at home, but I’m getting there. I got back into my squash game this week, had 2 lessons and crickey…couldn’t walk for 2 days. SQUASH BUM!

Victoria has had an amazing September so far. Over 25 degrees, looks like summer arrived, late, but its here. Jeremy and I went fishing last weekend and I caught my first halibut, just shy of 60 pounds! Mmm, love halibut.

I’m off to do some gardening…..for now here is pictures of our lovely Labour Day weekend.

Cao for now!

My last day in Serbia :(

I am a little late posting this, but to be totally honest I started a draft and just couldn’t bring myself to post it.

I spent my last two days with my Uncle Ilija and cousins Maja, Jelena, Bojan and family. Maja made a delicious dinner one of the evenings and on the last evening we went out to a local restaurant and dropped in at Zornica Kuca for a coffee and dessert – a fantastic spot.

I had an amazing amazing time, London, Berlin and of course my time in my homeland. I am looking forward to my next visit!

Za moju familiju, mnogo mnogo vam hvala za sve. Ovo mi je bio najlepsi odmor i puno mi nedostajete. Veruj te mi, da cemo se videti sto pre. Puno pusa i ljubavi, vasa Dragana. 

Family, friends and food

Well my vacation is coming to an end. I am packing tonight and leaving Sombor (I already cried once today) and tomorrow my cousin Milan is taking me to our other cousins house in Sremcica, near Belgrade, where I will be for the next two evenings prior my flight home out of Belgrade on Thursday.

Last few evenings have been fun filled with my cousins and friends. Went to see a friend win 3rd place for a Rakia (alcohol, distillation of fermented fruit) competition and with that got to listen to live music – very very cool, this was followed by an outdoor pool party, some 2000+ people! Another evening we got invited to a friends home in a nearby village called Stapar where the lovely Olja made a delicious meal in celebration of her towns Slava, a Serbian Orthodox tradition in which every family has its own Patron Saint. This feast/celebration is something the whole town celebrates. Thanks for the lovely food Olja!

Lastly here is my family and a few pictures of us around the table enjoying each others company and food.

Cao for now!


Pool time

This week has been a scorcher (over 40 degrees!) and we’ve been spending our days by the pool…it’s rough I know.

This is a quick and short post as it’s very late here…so I’m off to bed. Below a few pics of us 4 (Milan, Zeljko, Stefan and myself) enjoying the rays.

Laku noc!

The simple life :)

Ok it was over 40 degrees today!!! woo wee! HOT! I spent the day at an outdoor pool tanning my butt off and I loved every minute of it. At 10pm it was 27 degrees!

So my days here have been really hard, sleep, eat, tan, swim, sleep, eat, tan, swim…you get the idea right? I love it here, it’s a simple life but a happy one. A piece of me will forever be here and it will be hard for me to say good-bye next week. However, I promise I won’t wait another 5 years to come back and have a visit.

While I have been enjoying my food I have been running with my cousin Zeljko almost every day mainly late evenings, but tomorrow we are getting up early to avoid the heat wave.

Here are a few pictures of our nephews and 1 niece. They are very adorable. Also a trip to the daily market where Aunt Ljuba, Stefan (my cousin Milan’s son) went for ice-cream and an espresso for me. Few pics of the home where I’m staying at. House is split between 2 aunts and uncles, I’m sleeping up top, second window from the left. Oh and I cannot have a post without mentioning food. We went to my cousins friends place who made this delicious fish stew called Riblji Paprikas – very popular here. However, my favourite food of all time which I cannot get enough of is BUREK! It’s just this yummy delicious pastry with this cheese that is almost a tad sour…it’s very crunchy and you drink it with this runny yogurt. Mmmm!

I’m off to bed, will  post pictures of the pool next!

Orahovica, Croatia

Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a few days since my post, but I do not have the best internet connection and uploading photos is a pain. Therefore I won’t be posting every day but do check back every few days as I’m sure I will be having something new.

Last weekend we went to my aunt Ljuba’s place in Croatia. Along the way we stopped to see relatives, Baka Gina, Milka & Baja also lit a candle on my grannies grave in Donji Miholjac.

We went to a Serbian Orthodox Monastery located near the highway which follows the river Drava, by Orahovica. The Monastery has existed since 1543 and was painted (frescoed, painting on fresh moist plaster with pigments of dissolved water) in 1594. During World War II it was looted and severely damaged by fire and been under restoration since 1953. 

There are two large gatherings annually, May 22 and on August 19th ( we were there for the 19th)

A note for my mama & tata: I recorded some live music and kolo…will show you when I get home, you will love it!

Arrived in Sombor, Serbia

Well we arrived safe and sound at my families place in Sombor, Serbia. We left Berlin at around 830am Tuesday and arrived at 9pm. Drove with a GPS system and all went went but for a minor 40 minute detour through a small village in Czech we eventually landed back on the auto-bond.

We made our way through Prague, very cool buildings. Next we drove through Slovakia, also pretty with lots of beautiful green hills and then through Hungary and lastly into Serbia.

I woke up, went for a jog with Zeljko and it was 25 degrees and not even 11am! Rest of the day was pretty relaxing, eating fresh vegetables from my aunt and uncles garden…mmm the tomatoes are especially nice.

Tomorrow my Aunt Ljuba and Zeljko are taking me to Croatia for two nights. My auntie has a home in Orahovica where we shall camp out and visit relatives and tomorrow evening we are heading to a big fiesta! Should be fun and I will take pictures.

For now here are a few photos of us driving en route to Serbia.

Laku noc! (Good night)